Arctic Circle

Where The Good Stuff Is

Arctic Circle has been a Utah favorite for over 70 years. The most popular menu item is a tie between our burgers and shakes. We were the first fast-food chain in the Intermountain West to exclusively use Black Angus beef in all our burgers.  We are also famous for making above-the-rim shakes with real fruit and candy, giving customers more of the “good stuff”. We create innovative shakes for every season, so there is always something new to try.  

Arctic Circle sets itself apart locally by offering unique, high-quality products including wild Alaskan Halibut in all our fish offerings, yellow flesh potatoes for our fries and real chicken tenders. 

Arctic Circle is recognized nationally as being the creator of Fry Sauce and other unique menu items that our guests have come to love. Fry Sauce may be served in other states, but for Utah, the best and original Fry Sauce can only be found at Arctic Circle.