Argentinas Best Empanadas

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We offer Argentine style empanadas, chipa bread (gluten free), alfajores and pasta frola. We are a small staff of three that love sharing the stories and food from Argentina. We make small batches so that you get the freshest empanadas always. 


Q Can you buy them frozen not baked?

Yes, we offer frozen empanadas and chipa bread (gluten free cheesebread) to be baked at home.

Q Do you bake or fry your empanadas?

We bake our empanadas.

Q Do you have vegan empanadas?

Yes we do. We rotate flavors between jackfruit curry, mushroom sherry potatoes and vegan curry.

Q If I buy them baked, can I cool them down and reheatlater?

Yes, you may reheat the empanadas in an oven for 5-10 minutes or microwave for 10-20 seconds.