BGR Burgers Grilled Right

We grill your burger to your own definition of PERFECT.

We pride ourselves as the master of grilling burgers to customers own definition of Perfect: from rare, medium rare, all the way to welldone. We have a selection of masterpieces and signatures but customers can also create their own masterpieces, by choosing the protein they want and the topping they like. 


Q Do you have vegan option?

YES, we have beyond burger that you can top with many complimentary toppings as well as premium toppings.

Q Do you have Gluten Free bun?

Yes, yes we do. We have UDI gluten free bun as well as can make any burgers lettuce wrapped.

Q Do you have vegetarian option?

Yes, our veggie patty is made in house with brown rice, black bean, sweet potato and eggs to bind.

Q What is your most popular burgers?

Western BBQ, Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and Wellington.

Q Do you have any non-beef options?

Yes, we have sushi grade ahi tuna, all natural chicken, chicken tenders, and turkey patty along with vegan and vegetarian.