Settebello Pizzeria

We value you, and your health to the utmost degree. Thanks for your support and understanding during this hard time.

Napoli, Italy is the birthplace of pizza and one of the most unique, chaotic and beautiful cities in the world.  Settebello was created over a decade ago to re-create Pizza Napoletana as it has been made in Napoli for more than 200 years.
Our promise to our guests and ourselves is to protect the DOC designation granted to us by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN).  The VPN certifies pizzerias all over the world to ensure the integrity of the pizza making process as it was created in Napoli centuries ago.  Settebello is proud to be one of the first pizzerias ever certified by the VPN in the United States and we hope you will enjoy the traditions, sounds and flavors of the city we love.


Q Do you offer delivery?

We currently are only set up for take-out & curbside pickup.